Impatience is a Virtue


Patrick has been riding the Vespa to work everyday, and loves it. Jasper is always thrilled to have a chance to sit on Daddy’s “motorcycle.” (Please don’t tell him that its a Vespa. He’ll be heartbroken.) It might not be the sexiest vehicle out there, but it definitely has some serious perks.

1. Its great on gas. Patrick saved over $500 due to improved gas mileage last year.

2. Vespas are not a part of the motorcycle or the car community. You really have to be willing to go it alone and stand up for your own rights to the road. (If you know Patrick, you get why this is humorous.)

3. You never need to worry about finding a parking spot. The Vespa can neatly tuck into many a tight space.

4. It actually can go pretty fast- there’s no need to worry about a lack of power when driving around town. The Vespa can accelerate past 70, but I didn’t want to ask Patrick if he’d tried. He uses the scooter to make the brief commute from home to work, and cruises easily at the speed limit.

5. While it might be a bit dorky, it’s really fun to drive.



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