We dreamt it, but he built it.

This winter seemed to melt right into summer. The big old oaks in our backyard sprouted more pollen than I could have imagined, and then the caterpillars came. Their excrement covered our deck; we couldn’t enjoy it because it was always covered in something. After three months of fighting the tide, I surrendered.

“I’m done! I can NEVER  get this clean! Take them down!!” I grimaced at the trees.

“Really?!” Patrick asked, thrilled. He had been begging me to take down the huge split oak since we moved in.


A quick call to Templeman Tree Service, and the split oak, along with a couple of others, were quickly cleared. But the yard now screamed for attention. And this was no small job.


Throughout the yard were a handful of giant rocks, surrounded by overgrown gardens, bordered by smaller (50 pound) rocks. Decades ago, someone had created some “original” landscaping around these boulders.

Left to its own devices for too long, our yard had become a jungle of rocks and plants. In an effort to regain control, we had moved about 20 back breaking wheelbarrow fulls of rock in the spring, but the heat of the summer made completing the task impossible. Huge weeds now seemed to be thriving after the hours that Patrick had spent toting leaves from the old flower beds into the woods. Only furthering the complication of the situation was the ample amounts of poison ivy, which we had suffered through once already this year.

Taking in the mess, I sighed. The task of cleaning up the yard seemed insurmountable. There was no way that we could handle this project. So, we called Jeremy Nute.

He came in with a crew and an impressive set of machines, and tuned our mess into a yard in short order. What would have been years of labor for us was completed in a day.

I wouldn’t let them take the trumpet plant. It was the only one I felt emotional about.

I can’t really explain the joy that we feel, when we see our yard now. It’s huge. And under control.

As a landscaper, Jeremy is superb at doing big jobs- ours was one of the smaller projects that he’s taken on lately. Really, his crews and machines are trained to do huge business parks and residential lots that require too much for the average landscaper. Jeremy and his guys know how to get it done!


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