How to Tell a Townie from a Newbie

The gravel crunched smoothly under my feet, and I gripped Jasper’s small, sweaty hand in my own as we rounded the corner to the rows of green bushes that I had visited dozens of times throughout my own childhood.

“Be sure to pick the DARK BLUE ones…” I demonstrated, carefully freeing a plump berry from one of the bushes.

“Like this? This one ready?” He grinned.

“Perfect. They’re so sweet… see?”

Jasper grinned a toothy smile back, dripping with purple juice. There is nothing better than fresh picked berries on a hot day- especially those from Nourse Farm.


Established in 1722, Nourse Farm is the 10th oldest consecutively operating business in the United States. Town history (and the Nourse Farm website) explain that following the conclusion of the Salem Witch Trials, when Rebecca Nurse’s sons were searching for a new beginning, they turned to Westborough for a fresh start at farming. Eager to rid themselves of the stigma of the trials, they added an “o” to the spelling of their last name, but kept the pronunciation the same (nurse)- despite the way that out-of-towners might say it.

While there are plenty of other places to pick local fruit, my family has long preferred visiting Nourse Farm. The Nourse family is always friendly, and the food delicious.

Jasper sampled more than a few, just to make sure.



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