Thomas the Train!!!

Ok, I’ll admit it; I was a little excited  beside myself with excitement at the prospect of taking Jasper to “meet” Thomas the Train.

Each day, after nap, we watch an episode of the show. It’s gotten to the point where Patrick and I have been known to chant the catchy theme song while picking up toys or making dinner. Despite my own affection for the show,  Patrick can be a bit critical of Thomas and his friends, especially of their decision making skills.

“Why do they always disobey their orders and break the rules? Percy is going to get into trouble… again…” he’ll shake his head, knowing the consequences that lay ahead for the little green engine.

Thomas makes the trip up to North Conway once a year, and once the ads started to run on PBS, my enthusiasm began to build. I couldn’t hide my anticipation from Jasper. It got to the point that when the jingle would play, he would shout “THOMAS!!!” at the top of his lungs, and a huge smile would fill my own face.

When the day finally came, dark clouds filled the air; they did more than just threaten downpours. We didn’t let that stop us. After nap, we made the 10 minute drive to the train station, and the rain stopped. Then the clouds cleared, and I could feel all of our hearts lighten a bit.

The Conway Scenic Villiage had been transformed to “Sodor” (the land of Thomas.) Jasper met Sir Topham Hatt, and we visited the different stations, before loadeding up for our 30 minute ride on Thomas.

“WE’RE RIDING THOMAS!!” Jasper shouted.


I’m still not sure who had more fun, to be totally honest. But we were all just… happy.


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