I Successfully Invent a Recipe for Chicken.

As school came to a close, our calendar began to overflow with meetings, grad school classes, riding lessons, yard work, grading and social outings. Somewhere in there, I wanted to fit in dinner for our family, so I again turned to our trusty crock pot.

My friend gave me a great recipe book that I have used some other recipes from, so I paged through it on Sunday before I left for my dreaded trip to Stop & Shop. ( This is really an impressive growth in the level of thought that I put into dinners.) I found this recipe for chicken that looked tasty.


On Tuesday before I left for my riding lesson, I started the recipe so that my boys could have a nice dinner, even if I wasn’t home.

I started cooking, and realized that the carrots and celery were supposed to be thrown out instead of tossed in the pot with the chicken. I decided that was an awful waste of vegetables, so I put them in the crock pot with the beer boiled chicken. Then I put in a full onion instead of half of one.


My friend Peggy wrote about the awful surprises moms face when re-reading a recipe when it is time to really cook the food. As I began to go further into the recipe, my stomach sank. I knew that I had been struck by the distracted-mommy-cooking-dinner curse.

It turns out that there were a lot of things that I had missed on Sunday morning when doing my quick read. I discovered that there were supposed to be layers of chicken, cheese and tortilla chips. Jasper is allergic to dairy- no cheese for us! Tortilla chips are not allowed in our house due to Patrick’s addiction to them.


I opened a can of black beans, drained it and mixed it with the enchillada sauce, vegetables and chicken.


I let it cook in the crock pot. And prayed.

After my riding lesson, Patrick reported that he and Jasper both enjoyed their dinners. I plopped my serving into a bit of queso dip, and was shocked at how delicious it was. Jasper even ate leftovers the next night, which he never does!

I am proud to say that I have officially invented a successful recipe.



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