The Honest Toddler

Toddlerhood is full of dynamic and dramatic changes in emotions. But two is really fun… and Jasper has come up with some pretty awesome sayings that are now staples in our house.

1. More grownups, please!

We live very close to my parents, and sometimes, my dad will pop over on Sunday morning for a few minutes before he begins his errands. Last weekend, Jasper was thrilled to see my dad after breakfast.

“Grownups!!” Jasper shouted with glee as the SUV pulled up.

My heart stopped.

I mean, it does sometimes strike me that I have to act more like a grownup sometimes, but I had thought that I was doing a pretty good impression for Jasper. 

I shook my head, more than a bit relieved to see my dad, the grown up who had come to save us.

My dad approached, and graciously passed out the coffees he had purchased.

“Grownups!!” Jasper demanded again. 

That’s when I saw what he was pointing at. 

Donuts. Phew. 



2. Fox says ca-ca-ca-ca-caaa

Last night at dinner, we were running through all of the animals. 

“What does a cow say?”


“What does a duck say?”

“Quack, quack!”

“What does a fish say?” I asked, trying to trick him. 

“Blub, blub!” he shouted, proudly. 

“What does a fox say?” I smirked. 

“Caa-caa-caa-ca-ca-caaa!” Jasper smirked back. 

Clearly, all of those lessons about “What does a fox say?” have paid off. 


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