Heavens of Falls

Last weekend, we visited Diana’s Baths in New Hampshire. It is an old favorite.

A national park, Diana’s Baths is about 15 minutes from Attitash. While there are acres of trails, we usually stick to the easy gravel path that leads to the waterfalls.

Patrick grew up hiking and fishing around rivers, and has always been able to deftly navigate the slippery river rocks. We threw Jasper in the backpack, leashed Greg, and walked the short trail up to the water falls with our crew.

Jasper was jumping with joy the moment that we reached the falls.

2015-06-06 10.12.28

Patrick spent the next hour walking with Jasper, sometimes hitching him on his shoulders, (thanks Dr. A!) examining pools, fish and the scenery. Together, father and son nimbly navigated the climb up the falls. Greg darted around them, his Labrador heart singing with joy as he retrieved sticks and chased a squirrel or two.

We were all just… happy.

Jasper wasn’t afraid for a minute. He could run, jump and climb enough. We had to ditch the pants that he was wearing because he kept leaping into the pools. What toddler wouldn’t call this place heaven?


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