Flying From Failure to Fearless

Last weekend we had a great visit with our extended family in New York. We stayed with Patrick’s grandparents, who couldn’t have been more welcoming. In their seventies, grandma spends her time watching her great-grandchildren, monitoring grandpa and doing crossword puzzles; Grandpa spends his days tending to the lawn.

Jasper’s obsession with tractors made Grandpa and his John Deere a huge hit. He watched from the kitchen window shouting, “Tractor! Green tractor!” as Grandpa swiped another pass at the immaculately manicured lawn.

After nap time, Grandpa generously invited Patrick and Jasper to take a trip around the yard on the tractor.

“NOOO! TOO LOUD!!” Jasper hollered.

I was sure that my typically fearless tot would quickly turn his frown upside-down as soon as he touched the steering wheel.

No such luck.

He threw an epic meltdown that ended with me cuddling him and quieting him down in the kitchen with juice and crackers while Patrick put the mower back in its shed.

When it was time for the Bat Family to head to Sylvan Beach, I was a bit nervous. What was my kid going to do?

Bat Family!!

Patrick worked at the amusement park during high school, and often speaks about the adventures he had there. We loaded Jasper up for a walk down memory lane, checking out the rides and games. Jasper was uncharacteristically tentative about the arcade games.

“Oh well. Maybe he will do the rides next visit,” I smiled at a dissapointed Patrick.

After more couple of hours of strolling and reminiscing, we decided to pack up. We walked back to the car through the children’s rides, and Jasper lit up.

“Boats!” He shrieked.

He loved every minute.

We waited a bit to see what ride he wanted to do next. My tot’s switch was flipped- he screamed with joy as he rode the fastest ride in the kiddie zone, without ever looking back.


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