Mother’s Day Melt


My mom worked hard to raise us into happy, independent kids. She did everything that she could to help us successfully learn and grow.

When I was in elementary school, my mom was an active part of my life at home and school. President of the PTA, carpool driver to events near and far, cookie-baker, Halloween costumer, and hug master were just a few of the roles that she took on.

1984- Me & Mom at their apartment in Westborough!

One of the most important lessons that my mom passed on to Tommy and I was to eat dessert first. (“Life is short!”)

At some point, Dairy Queen came up with the wonderful invention that is now the famed Blizzard. On afternoons when my mom was toting us around town, Tommy and I would chant,

“DQ to the rescue?” from the back seat.

More often than not, my mom would cave in, and we would eat an ice cream at 4:30, when other kids were being told that they had to wait until dinner.

My mom is a regular at the town ice cream stand, Uhlman’s. When I was little, cows dotted the hill. I can remember ducking the fence and waiving to her from what felt like miles up the hill while the fireflies sparkled and danced in the cow field below.

Now filled with McMansions, the hill isn’t nearly as approachable, and the cows are plastic, but the ice cream is still the best on Earth.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

(We had pancakes for breakfast…. Jasper helped.)


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