Davis Farmland: Yards of Fun for All

Last weekend was beautiful- too beautiful to waste on yard work.

Jasper and I left Patrick at home to finish taking down trees and mowing the lawn, (ok, it was the theme of the weekend) and loaded up the car at 8:45 with my parents to head to Davis Farmland in Sterling- about a 20 minute drive from the house.

We arrived 5 minutes before the gates opened- just like my mother taught me! The bathrooms were clean, and the staff of teenagers couldn’t have been more welcoming.

As soon as we entered, Jasper was drawn to the goats. They were clean, fluffy, and adorable. The tiny kids were surprisingly friendly and unafraid of my “active”  toddler; we were all entranced.

Around the corner were the three cutest, cleanest calves that I’ve ever seen. We visited them while they were having a mid-morning snack. Jasper was a little intimidated by their size, but found the courage to pet their soft, white coats.

Everything seemed… magical.

Jasper chased around chickens, petted a tortoise, and visited with some mice and baby chicks. Lolly the llama was deemed “too scary,” but he laughed with joy as we poured grain onto Annie the cow’s huge, black tongue. When he sat and listened by the frog pond for the bullfrog, and croaked his own accompaniment, laughter escaped my throat.

We all just smiled.

As the hours passed, we began to grow a bit weary.  We cracked couple of cokes and  fueled up on brownies. My mom laughed that some things never change- I have been hooked on brownies and farm animals since I was Jasper’s age.

Tractors have always been among Jasper’s favorite things, so after our brownie break, he put in some solid time on the green John Deere. His serious face is hiding his engaged, focused effort to “drive” the tractor. He loved it- I promise.

Then, we got in line for what I hoped would be the best part of the day.

The pony ride.

As we neared the front of the line, I could feel Jasper squirm. I feared that he would cry that it was “too scary!” and refuse to sit in the saddle.

He completed two full laps around, shouting “Yeehaw! Giddyup horsie!” the whole time. He was steady and balanced on the well practiced pony. Pride, joy, laughter, and relief flooded through me.

Then, I just watched him smile.Nothing could have been better.


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