Blossoming into Spring- Our Visit to a Local Farm

Saturday morning could not have been more beautiful.

The sun was out, and I could feel it warming my skin. Jasper and I (coated in sweet-smelling suntan lotion) loaded up the car for Saturday morning. Patrick was working in the yard, and I wanted to give him some space.

Our first stop was to Harvey’s Farm.

As soon as we pulled down the gravel drive, Jasper was shouting with glee at his old friends, the pigs and cows who carefully monitor the parking lot. He bravely approached them, and patted the cows on the nose.

The blossoms filling the green house were inspiring. Toting Jasper on my hip, we nosed the flowers, breathing in their sweet, pure scent. There were dozens of colors to choose from, but the new Proven Winner baskets for spring were truly impressive. Emily us greeted warmly, and it made me smile to see her working closely with her dad. (To be fair, I do have a soft spot for family businesses…) They set me up with some fertilizer that they assured me even I could handle and helped me find just the right blossoms to take home with me.


Jasper and I trotted around the farm for a bit, and he checked out the tractors (big and small!). The ducks weren’t out yet, but we did click-clack over the bridge, looking for trolls.

All we found was fun.


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