A Much Needed Getaway

Patrick and I have both been busy with work, meetings, parenting and keeping up the house. Projects began to pile up, and weekends were flying by without much time for R & R.

When paging through Groupon, I discovered a great deal for a couple of nights away in Newport. After the briefest of discussions, Patrick and I decided that it was time for us to invest some time in us.

My parents volunteered to watch Jasper, and my brother volunteered to take care of the Labrador. So last week, with our bags packed, we took the short drive to the shore.


Newport was first settled in the early 1640’s, and then became a thriving seaport through the 18th and 19th centuries. During the Guilded age,millionaires built  “cottages” (read: mansions) to spend their summers at.

The beautiful, historic town was the perfect getaway. It was mild weather, and we spent hours strolling the streets, enjoying the architecture and people watching.  We did a bit of sight seeing, took a tour of a mansion, visited with some old family friends and enjoyed loads of good food.

Our favorite meal was at Restaurant Bouchard; Patrick ordered escargot and monkfish; I had beef carpaccio, lobster bisque, cranberry salad and chocolate cake. The service was impecable. It was perfect.

My parents and brother both reported that life in Westborough continued to run smoothly in our absence. It was wonderful to be able to get away and go out on a few dates.

It made returning home all that much sweeter.



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