Mud De Jour

After the epic snow that we faced this winter, soaring temps this week are sure to create some pretty serious mud situations. Add in some rain this weekend, mixed with a Labrador and a toddler, and it became a war against mud in our house. To help us fight back the tide of mud being tracked through the house we;

1. Take off shoes as soon as we get into the house.

(Patrick is the worst at this… don’t tell him that I told you.)

2. Leave a towel by the door(s) to wipe down the dog’s feet

Greg is met at the door with shouts from all of us to SIT!! and he wags his tail as all four paws are thoroughly scrubbed. 

3. Towel up any mud as soon as it gets into the house, and then Swifter the floors. 

What did people DO before there were Swifters? 

4. Keep a set of clothes by the door to change our toddler into if needed. 

We keep ours in the laundry room, which is next to the garage. He gets stripped down and wiped down with a towel that we leave there, so that any mess is minimized. 

Sometimes, it feels like we are losing more battles than we are winning, despite our best efforts.. What do you do to help contain the mud?


Please stop and leave a comment! I love knowing who stopped by, and what your thoughts are!

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