Unicorn Pizza

Most people prefer pepperoni, cheese or maybe even Hawaiian.

My favorite kind of pizza is sweet potato and goat cheese with caramelized onions.

My Aunt Martha shared the recipe with me from Haley House, a Catholic charity that my grandfather and his kids volunteered at. Martha shared with me the simplistic perfection of a recipe that came to be my favorite:

1. Peel and chip 2-3 sweet potatoes. Coat in olive oil and salt. Cook for 20 minutes a side at 375

2. Peel and slice an onion. Saute in olive oil and sugar (or substitute) for 15 minutes

3. Prep whole wheat pizza crust. Coat in olive oil and bake until crispy

4. Add a bit of your favorite tomato sauce and some cheddar

5. Top with cooked sweet potatoes and onion.

6. Layer on some goat cheese. I use a whole container of the stuff from the Stop & Shop deli

7. Cook at 425 for 10 minutes.

I used this recipe to compete in Hudson’s pizza cook-off, and am happy to report that we won. (Even if it was for team spirit…)

pizza cook ofhorse

(Photo credits to Wiked Local)


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