Why My Husband Finally Snapped

After dinner, Patrick often fills our house with laughter, rough housing with Jasper. They build tents on the floor, and Patrick drags our son around the house in my favorite blanket. Together, they construct complicated forts and Jasper finds tremendous thrill in launching himself onto Patrick from varying pieces of furniture.

Jasper’s grandfathers revel in participating in these male rituals whenever they can, and Poppy is great at tossing Jasper atop his shoulders and thrilling him with a walk with an improved view. Patrick had struggled to tote Jasper around in this fashion- I thought it was due to an old fighting injury, and Patrick tried to shrug it off.

Recently, Patrick switched to a new chiropractor, Dr. Moncton at the Westborough Spine & Holistic Center.  After brief discussion surrounding the physical complications to his back resurtling from toting around a 25lb toddler, Dr. Moncton quickly asserted that one of the vertebra in Patrick’s neck was badly out of alignment. Patrick hadn’t voiced any concern surrounding neck pain, and was visiting the chiropractor as a preventative measure, in hopes of remaining limber for the impeding golf season. (The snow’s bound to melt someday, right?) Dr. Moncton worked patiently with Patrick, and after five adjustments, his neck was noticeably better, and his back felt stronger.

The other day, Jasper demanded to “ride.” Patrick swung Jasper on his shoulders and showed him around the house. Their laughter disrupted me from my cleaning.

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

“Look!” Patrick exclaimed.

I looked around, bewildered, but smiling at Jasper atop his shoulders.

“I could never have walked like this before!!” he was beside himself with glee.

Thanks, Dr. Moncton for giving my husband back something that he didn’t even know he was missing.

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