Oh Deer

When we purchased our house, the idea of abutting town conservation land thrilled me. I had visions of walking Greg through the trails with Jasper in the hiking pack, and an adolescent Jasper walking to the neighboring soccer fields for practice.

What I didn’t know is that the paths through the land were already heavily used by another family.

These deer hang out in our yard in the evening and mornings, drinking from the melting snow in the road and munching on the arborvitae and rhododendrons that line the boundary between our neighbors house and ours. There is almost no foliage left on either boundary line within a doe’s reach.

There are five of them; Greg (our Labrador) lives for the moment when he gets to chase them through the woods just before turning in for the night.

I guess I’ll skip planting any flowers along those bushes in the spring…

The damage left behind is proof of their frequent visits. There is one tiny bit of foliage left on this sad, empty rhododendron.Would anyone like some venison for dinner tonight?



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