School for Snow Days



imageSo far this year, our school system has had 5 snow days. I began to worry about my students’ brains rotting away from binges of video games, hot cocoa and Netflix. When I returned to school, I was pleasantly surprised to find that more than a handful of kids had practiced these “good student” skills that my teammates and I recommended when the snow kept falling. These students came to school ready to learn, and show more tenacity and grit than their peers. They;

  • Review math facts using flash cards
  • Practice math using school supported programs like IXL or Kahn Academy. If your school system doesn’t sponsor a program, it might be worth personally investing in one. These make for great summer practice, too.
  • Read a book- and then talk to someone about it and explain what happened in the book. What surprised, confused or excited you when you were reading? How did the characters in the book change? What was your favorite moment?
  • Visit teacher websites. Often, teachers will post assignments in advance. Students could get ahead on future assignments to make the return to school smoother.** More than ever, students are using this strategy to get ahead**
  • Do an internet search for lessons and games connected to what has been going on in school. There are ample activites about grammar,   figurative language and so many other facts that need to be memorized; the internet is a wealth of resources.

While it is hard to believe, I can honestly say that I have a solid group of kids this year who do their best to learn, even when there isn’t school. It is exciting to see. Someday, the internet will facilitate having school on even the snowiest of days… (or months, as it seems to have been this year…)




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