Adrenaline Zone

When I was growing up, Westborough still looked a bit like an old farm town. Then came the housing developments, restaurants, indoor soccer bubbles and movie theaters. As of today, TripAdvisor shows 81 restaurants in Westborough. I love all of the amenities that are within a 5 minute drive of my house- 5 different grocery stores (including Wegmans!), Target, Walmart, clothing stores… Westborough is not a small town any more.

When we moved back to town, I realized how many great things there are for Jasper to do. We often frequent Little Gym and SkyZone, and this week, Lazer Craze opened. In our weekly coupon mailer, there was  $2 offer for the Adrenaline Zone, a maze of inflatable slides and tubes. $4 for an hour of fun? Yes, please!

We got there at 10:05;  Lazer Craze  had just opened for business for the first time the day before, so there weren’t many people around. We had the Adrenaline Zone all to ourselves. I’m not sure who had more fun, Patrick or Jasper!

After 45 minutes our whole family was exhausted. We had all climbed the walls more times than we could count, and we were all out of gas. Nap time was an easy sell!

We had an awesome time, and I know that we will go back. Still, Patrick and I both agreed that we would stick to the early morning hours with our tot to avoid any complications. The place was toasty- we were all sweating, as they heat the air that is pumped into the inflatables. Next time, I’ll bring extra waters for us all. The manager training all of the employees was very friendly and it promises to be a great addition to Westborough!


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