How His Service Served Us


Patrick was a member of the United States Air Force from 2001- 2007. While his service was brief, it had a tremendous impact on his life. The three values of the Air Force echo through our lives.


As a member of the Air Force, Patrick developed a strong sense of community; this is a big part of service before self. Our Cul-de-Sac’s strong sense of fellowship is something that is valued deeply by our family. Patrick works hard to put others first. During the snowpocolypse, the office was closed, but Patrick worked tirelessly between snow-blowing rounds  of our driveway to help a customer who had totaled his plow in an accident. He made phone calls, responded to text messages and filed paperwork. My husband never stopped working for our family or for his customers.

Aspiring to something more is something that has been ingrained in Patrick; he strives for excellence in all that he does. As a husband, father, insurance agent or skier, Patrick is always looking to do better. Patrick didn’t know how to ski when I met him, but he knew that he had to learn if he wanted to marry me. After a couple of weekends in New Hampshire, we found ourselves skiing in Park City, Utah.  Looking down the slope, we discovered that the only way down was a black diamond (experts only!), bumped up with over 18 inches of snow.  I shouted “Follow me!” without looking back. To his credit, he made it down, and he continued to work at the sport in the years that followed. Now, we ski down the blacks together.

His time in the service taught him the importance of integrity. Patrick and I often discuss how we will help Jasper to value this trait; we are working together to help Jasper become someone with high standards for self and others. Patrick maintains an open and honest relationship with his friends, business partners and customers. When working as an insurance agent, he might not have the cheapest price (sometimes he does) but Patrick’s true value as an agent comes from his service to his customers, and his willingness to always tell the truth. No matter what.

In addition to all of these wonderful character traits, Patrick can also shine my riding boots, press my pants (flat or creased?) and understands what it is like to live on Kashi bars. This brief time in the military helped to shape him into the husband and father that I love.

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