Garlic Doesn’t Just Keep Vampires Away



During the snowpocolypse, Jasper suffered from his first ear infection. He had been suffering from a fever on and off for a while, and hadn’t really seemed like himself. When he stopped eating, we knew something was wrong- our kid loves his food.

When the roads cleared up, we took him to the doctor, who informed us that he was suffering from a double ear infection. Although she said that the typical antibiotic amoxicillin  might work (the stuff that I basically ate 200 days a year with breakfast and dinner every day through elementary school due to my numerous ear infections), she suggested that we try garlic oil first.

Jasper and I trudged to Wegman’s and picked up a couple of bottles. I plopped the drops in his ears and Jasper giggled “Feels wierd!”

By the time we finished the 15 minute drive home, he was noticeably better. We did some more drops before bed, and he awoke looking more like himself than he had in days. It turns out that garlic is antifungal and antibacterial when applied topically. (Apparently, it has to touch the infection, so it doesn’t work when taken orally or if the infection is too deep in the ear.)

I wish that my parents had learned about this natural remedy when I was a kid!



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