Do You Want To Build a Snowman? It Doesn’t Have to Be…

Given my love of snowmen and skiing, I was more than a little excited to take Jasper out to play in the snow and build a snowman together. When the snow started to fall this week, I waited anxiusly for it to pile up, and then bundled our tot up to play outside.

See Daddy shoveling?
See Daddy shoveling?

Is it time to play, yet?
Is it time to play, yet?

He hated every minute of it.

Patrick was trying to clear the driveway, and Jasper helped him shovel- for a minute. Then, the mittens came off (literally) and the tears started to flow. I tried everything to get him to play with me- including singing the snowman song from Frozen. Then, he threw himself face first into the snow and cried until I took him in and warmed him up.

We spent the next couple of days inside, building forts out of furniture instead of snow.


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