Not Exactly the Same…

When we moved to Westborough, we moved to a house that is about a half of a mile from the home that I grew up in. I look forward to sharing many of the wonderful memories of my childhood with Jasper; Uhlman’s Ice Cream, Purple Day, and story hour at the library top the list. Many things in our suburb remain the same, but others have changed.

The town has exploded with restaurants- we have four Dunkins- shopping centers and so much more. The traffic downtown went from bad to worse, and trucks still get caught under the bridge. When I was in 6th grade, there was very little for a teenager to do in town. Now, Westborough is home to a movie theatre, Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Lazer Tag arenas and more.

Almost all of the changes in Westborough have been wonderful for the town  but there is one thing that I miss; Julio’s Supermarket.

The Stop & Shop in Westborough is awful. Although they have a terrific selection of food, (Gluten-free? Soy based? Soy Free? They’ve got it!) the service is appalling. Clerks seem annoyed that I am shopping at the store, and to their horror, I dare to bring my smiling toddler. One woman working in the produce department chastised me for allowing Jasper to sit in the cart without shoes. (Really?! Have you tried to argue with a toddler in the parking lot?!) When I ask for help they stare at me blankly or roll their eyes.

I miss the Julio’s of my childhood, where the guy at the deli smiled, the manager happily added to stock when requested, and people in the parking lot waved.

I’m thinking about switching to Market Basket.




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