Favorite Letters

At “school” Jasper has been working on counting, colors and letters. For an almost two year-old he has a strong grasp of colors, a moderate ability to count. Despite these relative strengths, he seems to have very little interest in letters.

Except for the letter Q.

Jasper’s teacher at school works to give each kid their “own” letter; it is the letter that their name starts with. Jasper will occasionally say that his letter is “J” but mostly, he prefers to stick to the letter Q.

I asked students at school what their favorite letter was. Almost every kid said that their favorite letter was the letter that their own name started with. (J for Jessica!) Except for the smart-alecs. They all picked the letter Q without having heard my  story about Jasper.

It would seem that we have a smart-alec on our hands… I wonder where he got it?



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