Cursive Club

I always start the first day of school asking kids what they want to learn. After teaching for seven years, I was more than a little surprised to have about a quarter of my kids this year inform me that they wanted to learn how to write in cursive. (My third grade teacher, Mrs. Clements would be horrified to learn that neither typing nor writing in cursive is a part of the K-12 curriculum, and  writing cursive is quickly becoming a lost art.)

This year, a whopping 20 kids asked that I teach them the art of fine cursive writing. While I couldn’t rationalize taking time out of the precious 42 minutes a day that I have with students to teach them this skill, I stepped up and started a cursive writing club.

A parent bought me a couple of books, and I felt a buzz in the air the day of our first meeting.

One student came.

She is friendly, kind, and loves to learn. I couldn’t bring myself to send her home. Sitting in front of me was a bright student who was yearning to learn. I would be remiss as a teacher to turn her away.

We dug into the craft of looping letters together and the practice of making every “D” uniform.

This week,  I found myself enjoying some quiet time in deep study with a willing student. As we packed up, I couldn’t help but think back to my third grade teacher, Mrs. Clements, who drilled us for hours and always seemed disappointed in my attempts at sloppy cursive sentences. What would she think of me being the teacher helping to keep this dying art alive?




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