Monkey Poop!!

Dealing with dirty diapers is not my favorite part of being a mom. To help lighten the mood of messy diaper changes, we all sing “Everybody Poops!” to the tune of R.E.M.’s  “Everybody Hurts.” It has gotten to the point that Jasper belts out the lyrics before I even have him down on the table. He leans his head back, eyes closed and gleefully sings about the contents of his diaper.

Soon, we’re all laughing.

I shared this antidote with a neighbor who smiled and laughed that she had the perfect book for our family.

Where’s the Poop? is an exciting story that encourages the reader to find different animal droppings hidden through the pages.

I’m not sure who enjoys quoting the book more, Patrick or Jasper. It has become a nightly staple in our house. (Thanks, neighbor!)

Where’s the Poop? has been read so often to Jasper that he sometimes even dreams about the book. I know, because he wakes up shouting, “Monkey poop?” “Monkey poop!”


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