A Trip to See Nemo

Just before vacation, we decided to hop in the car to check out the New England Aquarium.



It was a frigid 20 degrees, so we opted to park in the expensive garage right next to the aquarium. It ended up being well worth the investment. It took us about 30 minutes door to door, and Jasper was an easy commuter, as we were able to load him up nice and early. The doors opened at 9, and we arrived shortly there after.

While there were plenty of people, it wasn’t packed. We walked ¬†around for a couple of hours, and all of the staff were helpful. A couple of women even colored on the floor with Jasper! It was super fun for the whole family.

Jasper loved the turtles, and fish. He had three major lessons;

1. Nemo lives in Boston.

2. Fish have one eye. ( Get it? Because he could only see one while they were swimming?!)

3. Jellyfish are scary. On this one, I have to agree. Although I enjoyed eating them, watching them swim in the wild or in captivity gives me the heeby-jeebies.


These are lessons that are sure to help him when he becomes a marine biologist…



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