Greg’s Best Friend

Before Jasper was born, Greg, our Labrador, was the center of our attention. After school, Greg and I would cuddle on the couch watching TV, and we spent hours each week practicing his obedience skills. Greg was on a strict no-people-food diet, and I took him swimming every week in the summer.

Now, Greg is banished from the furniture and is expected to sleep in a dog bed instead of the couch. Only 5% of the toys in our house belong to him, and we rarely practice obedience skills. He is old and gray, and his hound dog ears can’t handle swimming, so I kept him out of the water this summer.

But now, Greg gets tons of endless amount treats;  Jasper enjoys feeding him scraps from the table. (Jasper and Greg also love eating ice cubes together, much to Moe-Moe’s horror…)When the daylight holds past 5, we walk together around the Cul-de-Sac. We take winter hikes with Jasper in a backpack and Greg trotting in front of us every weekend  during ski season.

But now, Greg and Jasper run around the house together each night. Jasper will play catch for  endless hours with Greg.   Greg’s willingness to be Jasper’s step-stool to the nearest trouble making adventure make them a duo that I have to keep a close eye on…

They’re best friends.

I just realized how many baby/dog pictures I take… these are only from the last year! I have a ton from last year, too… Hmm…


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