The Best Part of My Day.

Growing up, our family shared the high/low of our day. From preschool through college, this ritual was an important part of our family meals. I have vivid memories of Andrew and Kurt, our ski family brothers, sitting on the edges of their seats, anxious to describe the best run of the day.

Patrick and I have continued this practice throughout our relationship. I ask Jasper about his day every night at dinner, but haven’t had much of a response yet, so I fill in his answers for him. “You played with Owen?” (He vigorously nods his head.) “You love sweet potatoes?” (More nodding, followed by a toothy grin of “Oinge!”) “Ahh yes, orange is a  good color for food.” We continue to discuss our highs and lows, and to share other details of our day.

One of the bests parts of my day is almost always bath time.

As a mom, the day can sometimes drag on endlessly from 4:45-6:15. When bath time comes, I find myself wishing that the clock would slow down.


Jasper loves the tub. He plays happily, chattering away, dunking toys. After we discovered that he has eczema, Jasper is only allowed bubbles once a month.

If Jasper could verbalize it, he would without a doubt, tell me that bubble baths are the best part of his day, too. He makes beards for him and me to wear. I blow clouds of bubbles across the room; all is right in our world.

When I drain the  tub (usually well after tub-time should have concluded), Jasper watches with both wonder and sadness as the last surviving bubbles circle the drain. It is utterly adorable.




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