Let it Go.

frozenJasper is OBSESSED with “Frozen.”

I work very hard to limit the amount of TV that Jasper watches, but we have enjoyed the movie together a couple  of times on a splurge.

I have to admit that actually really like it; it reminds me a lot of the Disney movies from the days of yore. Songs about snowmen, adorable, freckle-faced protagonists and some quick wit makes the movie an enjoyable watch.

The other day, I discovered that Jasper has seen the movie a few (?) times at daycare when other kids are sleeping.

On this particular day, I had worked hard to get out of school early, and dashed to daycare to grab my tot. He insisted that I watch him dance with his friends (for what was the hundredth time that day) to “Let it Go” the theme song to “Frozen.” He spun in circles with joy and shouted out the words with glee with the other dozen kids at daycare. It was hilarious.



Now, every night after dinner, we blast the sound track and dance in circles together. The theme songs are now permanently seared in my brain.

Jasper and Patrick spin around the living room


Our daycare provider was nervous that my masculine husband might feel insecure about Jasper singing and dancing with such verve. I didn’t explain to her the numerous theatrical roles that Patrick has preformed on stage which were far more exciting than Jasper’s impressions of Elsa…Jasper rocks the cavalier boot look


By the way, have you seen this kid on Jimmy Kimmel? Kevin Droniak? Parents who have become familiar with the details of “Frozen” will laugh out loud.




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