Local Business Saturday! (On Sunday)


Oh, Hi!
Oh, Hi!


As Patrick works at our family business in town, we feel that it is important to support other local businesses.

This year, my family did its small part to shop local.

My mom’s favorite flowers are from Mugford’s. Kris did our wedding flowers, and the centerpieces at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. They looked beautiful!



We decided to shop at Harvey’s Farm for our Christmas greenery this year. Jim and Emily, the owners, and their staff, are wonderful about helping each customer find exactly what they are looking for. We shop them year round, and Jasper loves to pet their farm animals.


We bought some beautiful centerpieces and hangings that I’ll post later. Jim boxed up our kissing ball while I was still poking around. They are great about customer service. Emily graduated from Westborough High School with Tommy, and always seems happy when we see her. How does she manage it?! We had an awesome time.

If you haven’t bought a wreath or tree yet, go local!




Please stop and leave a comment! I love knowing who stopped by, and what your thoughts are!

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