Thank God for Juice Boxes.

I will admit it; I was traumatized by our first visit out to New York.

Jasper was about 6 months old, and it was the first time that most of Patrick’s family was able to meet him. They live about 5-6 hours away, in Sylvan Beach, which is about an hour north of Syracuse.

Jasper did great on this first drive out there, but he got a bit of a heat rash during our visit (which looking back, might have been a milk allergy reaction.) He was fussy about driving around during our visit, the the drive home was nothing short of awful.

I rode in the back seat with him, and he there was nothing I could do to stop his screaming. He ended up projectile vomiting all over us and the car. We got out, dazed and confused, at a Wal-Mart and walked around (covered in baby puke) for an hour. People stared, at our spattered clothes and babbling baby. I blankly stared back, unable to fathom how I was going to get back in the car and drive another two hours.

Did I mention it was awful?

A little over a year later, our trip out was a dream. Jasper munched contently on Ritz crackers and Teddy Grahms, gulped watered down juice, and watched his favorite movies. He laughed at the familiar characters on TV, and I was shocked at how easy the five hour commute passed by.

Jasper just moved up to the toddler, front facing seat. I think that this helped him feel exponentially more comfortable. Having a better understanding of his dietary and sleeping needs also helped; in all, the drives to and from New York were a huge success.

Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s was the fun time that we always look forward to. It was a joy to see Jasper hang with his cousins; Grace was an award winning cousin and dutifully chased him around.

It was awesome.

I truly enjoyed playing with some of Jasper’s cousins in the living room. We tossed around Grandma’s stuffed toys and the girls were so nice to each other. Jasper contently parallel played next to us for over half an hour. There were smiles all around!


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