A Letter to my Favorite Veteran

Dear Patrick,

I love you. I love that you were willing to give your life for my freedom, and were brave enough to stand and fight for what you believe in. Like the brave grandfathers, uncles and cousins in our families who came before us, when times got tough, you looked around you and decided that the best thing that you could do was join the fight for our freedoms. Thank you.

Thank you for being brave enough to fight for us. As I look around, and see you playing on the floor with our happy toddler and Labrador, I am so grateful for all that we have worked for. Our family, our life, our house; we have worked hard, together, to create something amazing. We are lucky. The military- and your service- helped get us here.

Your time in the service was brief, but it shaped you into the strong, determined man that I love. Others may question why you stood for a nation that has so many faults. America is in trouble, and I worry about the political and socio-economical problems which seem to grow increasingly prevalent. While I question what will come next for our nation, I will never doubt your choice, and will always stand behind you.

Today is a day for thanks. I am thankful that Jasper and I have a man who is willing to fight for what he believes in… in good times, and bad.

Love you forever.

My favorite veteran at Veteran's Park in Westborough on Veteran's Day.
My favorite veteran at Veteran’s Park in Westborough on Veteran’s Day.


Thanks. From both of us.
Thanks. From both of us.

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