Monsterous Movers Accident Finally Resolved!

When we moved into our new house, we set up a strategy. Patrick and my mom would monitor the packing and loading of the truck in Grafton, and I would monitor the unloading in Westborough, as I would be on summer break.

This was not toddler proof.

The movers arrived on time, did a great job unloading, and were very patient with my directions. I signed the paperwork for Monster Movers and gave the guys a tip. Then, they pulled out of our driveway (they had backed in, this was a no-brainer) and pulled over all of our utility service poles, and the box that was buried.

The grate covering our box was destroyed- the truck was stuck in the box, but Monster Movers didn’t bother to stop and apologize. They just kept driving. They didn’t offer me any compensation or apologies. I was left in a new house, with huge amounts of damage to our yard. At least the electricity still worked.

Don’t stop. Just keep driving. Grrr…

Verizon came out and zip-tied our phone box together. National Grid came out promptly, and let me know that the grid cover for the box in front of our house is 30 years old, and isn’t something that they stock.

We had orange cones in front of our house for the first three months that we lived there. I was horrified. Jokingly, I’d tell neighbors that we moved into the house with the orange cones.

“Oohhhh, the one on the corner!” they’d respond.

Ugh. Finally, after a couple of discussions with National Grid and the support of the Westborough Police Department, our grate has been safely replaced. Patrick and I planted a couple of flowers, and it is no longer an eyesore.

Next time, I’ll be sure to use a company that doesn’t have “Monster” in their name. Lesson learned.


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