Apple Picking


I began picking apples at Tougas Farm as a youngster. My mom often took a herd of kids to the orchard withher. She ran a small in home daycare when we were little, and our neighbors had a family of six who often joined us on our field trips.image

I was thrilled to be able to take Jasper to Tougas Farm this year. He ran around the petting zoo, yelling “baa!” and pointing at the sheep. He quacked at the ducks and oinked at the pigs. The day was a success, and we hadn’t even started with the best part of the day- the tractor ride!


Jasper’s favorite word right now is “tractor.” He was beside himself with excitement as the tractors approached, and brimming with joy as we hopped on for our quick ride to the other side of the orchard.

We wound our way to the Galas and Fujis, and it was wonderful to share my childhood memories with Patrick and Jasper as we plucked luscious red spheres brimming from the trees.

Jasper now refuses to take cut up apple pieces, as he now knows the joy of having the entire red ball of fruit to himself.




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