Wait… I’m old.

imageAs a middle school teacher, I am well aware of the importance of the “selfie” in defining social media status. Before this week, any time that I saw a seflie posted on a facebook wall, or students posing dramatically together, their foreheads touching, I rolled my eyes.

And then I tried to take one.

I had finally met someone who had attended my alma mater.

After my riding lesson this week, I met someone who had attended Oswego just after Patrick and me.

SUNY Oswego is a state school on Lake Ontario- it was colder and snowier than I could have imagined, and there is almost no one in New England who has heard of this tundra. Patrick and I had a wonderful time there, but when people at parties ask us where we went to school, we never get to experience the joy of making a connection of, “Oh wow, I know someone who went there!!”

Then, I met Lara. She not only attended Oswego, but was a member of the riding team! It was awesome. In our shared moment of enthusiasm, we decided to document it with a selfie.

It was hilarious. We couldn’t figure out how to get ourselves, never mind our photographic horse, in the shot with us.  I won’t even get into the comedy of errors that followed, as I tried to tag her and upload the picture onto Facebook.

Before this week, I lived under the impression that I was relatively tech-savy. I know my way around Google, Microsoft Office, Apple TV, iPad and iPhones.

The embarrassment of having the thirteen year-old have to take the picture for me, and then walk  me through the process of tagging each other, was eye-opening. I still might roll my eyes at the teenagers making the “duck face” at their cameras, but I have a new amount of respect for the practice they spend perfecting their art.




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