Cicada Killers Attack!

Bugs. They have been trying to invade our new house, and this time, they sent even bigger recruits than before. These things were the size of birds!

The “cicada killer” or “cicada hawk”

This  wasp/hawk (no really- it is called the “cicada hawk“)  was burrowing giant holes across the yard. I thought that they were from moles or chipmunks… and then Patrick found this guy laying dead on our grill.

The neighbors were over for pre-dinner play time, and I was horrified that they witnessed the infestation in person. We have a contract with an exterminator in town. For a reasonable quarterly fee, they come and treat four times a year, as well as any time that I call and request a treatment. Westborough Pest worked hard to help eliminate a spider and ant infestation before we moved into our new house. They are true pros at protecting our home from invaders.

After some intense googling, Patrick found out that these wasps hail from Pennsylvania, and are not going to do any harm to the house. But these guys look seriously prehistoric, and their huge burrows are nothing to be laughed at. I’m counting on an effective counter attack to help move them along!

Patrick was in charge of disposal. I was not going near it!

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