Korean= spicy, like, for real.

Shortly after we moved to Massachusetts (2006), Patrick and I discovered a shared love for sushi. It is light, filling, delicious and pairs perfectly with Pinot Noir and Sam Adams. What more could you ask from a food?

Over the years, we have gone through a number of favorite restaurants as our go-to place for ordering in. Right now, we are frequent patrons of Saparro. We had first visited the restaurant years ago, and done the table side BBQ. Although it was fun, we much prefer the sushi.

But it is spicy. Like, really, really spicy.

As mentioned in “Foul Balls” I have come to appreciate spicy food. But their spicy dishes are more than I can handle.

After our first ordering debacle involving me not being able to finish the “mexican” roll, we now order tame rolls like “spicy scallop” or “alaska.” We love it.

Saparro take-out is my favorite night, but last time we ordered there was a bit of a debacle. The take out took an extra 30 minutes, and Patrick had brought Jasper with him. After 15 minutes of holding 30 pounds on his hip, Patrick brought Jasper to the only open seat- in the bar.

No one offered him a drink. No one offered Jasper anything- it was now 30 minutes past a 20 month old’s dinner time. Patrick said that he behaved like he had a halo on his head. When the order finally came out, the hostess said that the computers had been down when we placed our order and hour ago. She included a gift certificate for our next order, but I’m not sure how much I trust their time estimations any more… Plus, they didn’t take our call on Christmas Eve. What about my sushi?!


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